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Book & Booklet Printing

Select from six kinds of book binding, with detailed information arranged here in no particular order for your convenience:

1) Spiral Binding: Unlike that guy in high school who shoved you into the locker, Spiral Binding is the most popular for a good reason: it's generally the lowest in cost, looks very presentable and is incredibly durable. The binding is a plastic coil wound through oval-punched holes in your book and is available in a variety of colors: red, white, blue, black, or clear at no additional cost. We recommend spiral binding in cases where durability and lifespan is key. They will also lay flat when flipping pages for easy reading.

2) Stapled (Saddle Stitching): Saddle stitched books are created when 2 or more sheets of paper are folded in half and stapled in the gutter or fold. Each sheet of paper contains 4 pages thus your file must contain pages in multiples of 4. If you have an odd number of pages you will need to insert blanks or additional pages to make a saddle stitched book work.

3) Perfect Binding: this is popular among the self-published-author crowd and binds your book with a traditional, "soft-cover" style you'd typically find in your local book store. (for you millennials, "books stores" were brick-and-mortar places of commerce people once frequented to purchase non-electronic books to read for business, school or pleasure.). Pages are printed and then glued into heavier cardstock covers. They're then trimmed at the edges to remove excess glue and uneven edges for a final product you'd be proud to set on a shelf and forget about for a couple years. This also allows for easy archiving, as this is the only binding which allows you to print on the book's spine.

4) Wire-O Binding: This one is the "new kid on the block," as we just recently threw this binding option head-first into the social jungle of binding options. But like so many '80s high school movies, this new kid is suddenly running touchdowns, breaking hearts and becoming the envy of every dude on campus with its impeccable style, unbreakable demeanor and fairytale-book charm. This combines the professionalism of the Perfect Binding and durability of the Spiral Binding with a looped, metal coil for a final product that will sweep you off your feet. Available in black, white, blue, red and the ever-seductive pewter.

5) Comb Binding: This one is an oddball but still an important part of the bindery landscape for one particular characteristic: pages can be added or removed when needed. You will need a machine to pull the combs apart if you wish to change yourself. This is usually a good choice for works in progress like pre-production novels or screen plays. Comb binding is only available in black plastic.

6) 3-Ring Binders: Last but not least we have the 3-ring binder option. This is great for material where you'll be wanting to add or subtract content regularly and want the added durability and protection of a 3-ring binder. You can select to have your cover page inserted into the binder sleeve on the order form.

For all of our bound books we recommend leaving a .5" safe zone for any important content on the binding side of pages. This is to ensure wording does not get cut off or is hard to read when your printing is bound.


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Please Select Type of Binding


    Spiral Bound BooksSPIRAL BOUND

    Spiral bound books are bound with a plastic coil. The plastic coil comes in a variety of colors: black, white, red, blue, and clear.

  • Stapled Booklet Printing

    Stapled Booklet PrintingSTAPLED BOOKLET

    Your books will be saddle stitched (stapled in the fold). Saddle stitched book pages are printed in multiples of 4.


    Perfect Bound BooksPERFECT BOUNDspine calculator

    Perfect bound books are glue bound like a soft cover book. For help setting up the book cover use our spine calculator.


    Wire-O Bound BooksWIRE-O BOUND

    Wire-O bound books are bound with a durable metal coil. The metal coil comes in a variety of colors: black, white, red, blue, and pewter.


    Comb Bound BooksCOMB BOUND

    Comb bound books are bound with a flexible plastic comb which gives you the ability to add or remove pages in the future.


    3 Ring Binders3 RING BINDERS

    Your books will be 3 hole drilled for inserting into binders. Binders are available in either black or white.